Yesterday the judge denied justice

The judge ruled that the jury will never hear our stories. They will never hear of how many of us lost loved ones. How I lost Amber. I am sure the judge believes that the stories would prejudice a jury, but how else is the jury to hear the true cost of GM's egregious behavior?? Through expert witnesses that will explain exactly what happened to the car during those last fatal moments? It fails to convey the horror that each person experienced in those last moments they would be alive. Imagine driving and your car suddenly loses power. The steering wheel that was so pliable just a moment before becomes rock hard and refuses to budge easily. The brakes feel rooted in place. So much effort to simply move it at all. Then the impact or worse, impacts. The steering wheel becomes a solid weapon. No airbag to cushion the blow. Unfortunately, I don't have to imagine what happened to Amber. I was told by the EMT who responded. Her car went airborne and landed on the passenger side. She was thrown under the dashboard of that side and was pined from the waist down. She was terrified and screaming. The EMT (bless her heart, I will always believe she is an angel) crawled in with her and held her hand. Amber stopped screaming begging the EMT not to leave her. She stayed until the jaws of life were ready. The impact was too much for her and she died very soon after. The only damage being a cut on her head and a severely lacerated liver. Had the airbag deployed Amber would be here today.

Our lives will never be the same now. For me I will always wonder what she would be doing today. Would she have completed school? Taken over my company? Found love? Would I have grandbabies?

These are the stories the jury should hear and now, never will.