Kudos to Christie for promising prosecution of GM execs relating to ignition switch defect | Opinion

11/5/15, The Star Ledger

The Obama administration has failed to hold General Motors CEO Mary Barra and her company responsible for the faulty GM products that caused over 100 deaths. At least one presidential candidate has the courage to speak up for the victims of their crimes.

At the GOP presidential debate in Colorado, Gov. Chris Christie looked the audience in the eye and promised them he would have prosecuted GM employees for the incompetence, misconduct and deliberate foot-dragging surrounding the ignition switch defect that led to at least 174 deaths and scores of injuries. He would have sent them to jail.

When will the other candidates, of both parties – and more importantly, politicians who are in office today – have the courage to stand up and say the same thing?

General Motors knew about the deadly ignition switch problem for a decade before a recall was initiated. During that time, 174 drivers and passengers, one of them my daughter, were killed in wrecks that could have been avoided if GM had made an effort to fix the problem instead of cover it up. The penalty? The company paid a fine and agreed to three years of "oversight" by a federal monitor. That amounts to a slap on the wrist.

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